KOMAND Consulting and the Auditing & Development Company Join Forces in the Middle East

Montreal, Canada / Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
The synergies between KOMAND Consulting’s expertise as a strategy consulting company in the healthcare and other sectors together with the Auditing & Development Company’s experience of over 20 years in hospital operations bring a comprehensive offering to the healthcare industry in the Middle East.

KOMAND’s clients have access to the brightest minds coming out of Canada’s education and industry clusters with unparalleled experience in corporate strategic planning. ADC, chaired by Dr. Abdullah S. Al-Amro, M.D., a prominent leader in the radiation and oncology fields, introduces expertise in managing the human resource requirements of large hospitals and medical cities. Prior to founding ADC, Dr. Al-Amro was the CEO of the King Fahad Medical City in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – one of the premier healthcare organizations in the region and considered amongst the largest in the Middle East. Before stepping down as CEO, Dr. Al- Amro was overseeing a staff of over 5,000 employees comprised of doctors, nurses, administration, social workers and many more.

Nasos Makriyiannis, founder and managing partner of KOMAND stated that “Our partnership with ADC, a company with vast experience in the Middle-Eastern healthcare industry, combines our complementary capabilities and talents to offer our clients international approaches with local, Middle-Eastern perspectives and insights”.

Together, KOMAND and ADC can help medical institutions formulate and execute their business strategies quickly and effectively. As the competition is rapidly increasing in the Middle East, local medical institutions need to streamline their operations to remain competitive. “One very effective management framework” says Makriyiannis, a biomedical engineer by education, “is to identify the true costs of your medical services by introducing an Activity-Based Costing methodology. An effective ABC system allows you to capture and eliminate costly activities that do not contribute to the quality of service delivery.” Introducing an ABC system is just the first step. Adopting the ABC framework as a management philosophy requires the proper training and staffing. “A hospital in any part of the world is a fickle organization. Understanding the dynamics and drivers of hospitals or healthcare facilities is essential when making any organization-wide changes. Doing so quickly and free of service interruptions however, can lead to financial sustainability and real strategic advantages” added Dr. Al-Amro.

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