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Cannabis Sector Services

Check out our offering for cannabis sector companies


QuickSight™ Diagnostic

Quick Insights. Fast Actions

An efficient and effective way of assessing customer and
operational performance for your organization.


Marine Transport

Just Survive? No, Play to Win

Find out how your organization can weather the storm.


Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions

The introduction of Activity-Based Costing and Management
systems has saved hospitals millions of dollars while
improving patient outcomes.

Find out how KOMAND can help.


Organizational Transformation

A major consumer goods company in the UAE
underwent a critical transformation.


Cannabis sector webinar

KOMAND’s webinar on the cannabis sector now available.
Click HERE to watch.

KOMAND Consulting helps companies become more data-driven in their strategic decision making. We work with companies and leaders to develop effective business strategies supported by data, statistical models and artificial intelligence technologies to improve overall performance – both top line and bottom line. KOMAND brings together seasoned strategy consultants with leading data scientists and statisticians to develop and implement data initiatives that maximize business impact. Since 2006, we have been helping organizations from many different sectors outperform their industry peers.


From Vision to Implementation. A sound strategy is the compass of your organization and helps you achieve above average returns and a sustainable future.


Even the smallest change in an organization may be met with resistance. One thing is certain – even the smallest change requires careful planning to succeed.

Organizational Effectiveness

Some organizations are more effective than others – employees are generally happy, roles and responsibilities are clear and clear and comprehensive metrics are integrated into the day-to-day.

Advanced Analytics & Market Research

Sometimes a fresh look at existing data – whether internal or external – can reveal profound insights that can, in some cases, completely pivot the strategic direction of an organization.

Leadership Training

The most succesful leaders are strategic managers and creative thinkers that know how to diagnose complex problems, develop innovative solutions and mobilize their organization.

As a statistically driven strategic planning firm, we’ve done our research on why there is such a high failure rate with strategic implementations. It turns out that the sophistication level of the strategy management process is a key driver – the more sophisticated the strategy management process, the better the results.


Employees that don’t understand the organization’s strategy

80 - 90%

Failure rate of strategy implementation


Before all else, your organization needs to have a clearly articulated strategy.
To help you get there, KOMAND provides the following services:

    • - Executive offsite facilitation and visioning
    • - Opportunity Scanning and Trends analysis
    • - Competitive benchmarking
    • - Market segment analysis
    • - Capabilities FinderTM

With a clear direction on where and how your company will compete in the marketplace, the strategic initiatives that will lead to success need to be developed, budgeted for and prioritized.

KOMAND can help you by providing services in:

    • - Corporate strategy
    • - Business unit strategy
    • - Business case analysis
    • - Balanced scorecard design
    • - Roadmap and implementation planning

Each strategic initiative previously identified has to be operationalized at the functional division level.
The key to success is an operational plan for each functional area of your organization.

KOMAND assists you with the following services:

    • - Functional strategy development
    • - Change management interventions
    • - Organizational design
    • - Activity based costing and management
    • - Operational and customer analytics
    • - Process improvement
    • - Financial and Operational modeling

With technology and production cycles continuously shortening, every organization needs to be nimble and ready to change their course rapidly.

KOMAND helps you stay on track by providing the following adaptive strategy services:

    • - Advanced analytics
    • - Customer profitability analysis
    • - Strategic causality and correlation analysis
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